Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Align Left
Yesterday's piece before stitching.Posted by Picasa


Genie said...

Lovely piece

Robin Mac said...

It looks lovely, just goes to show that you can use any sort of garish colours fortexture and then just cover them with paint etc to change the look completely.

Julie said...

Beautiful! I like what you have done with this. Gorgeous colours.

Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Sue!
Thanks for the comment on the CYBER FYBER video! There was no possible way to include the names of the artists in this video format and also be able to upload it! Adding the names would require using at least four seconds per image....which would have lengthen the video! As it was, the video had to be trimmed a bit in order to have fewer than the 100MBs allowed for Blogger uploading! That's why I consider the videos "teasers". The on-line exhibition will include all the names and links to each fiber artists' blog/Flickr!/stitchin fingers/active profile...or whatever was provided when the trade was made. I've already created the "framework" for the on-line exhibitions and will be uploading all 267 postcard and 163 ATC images on Christmas Eve. Thus, the on-line exhibition will be my "Christmas Gift" to "Blogland". Please spread the word about this "coming attraction". Thanks again!
PS...Just clicking over to your blog is a reminder of how very much I miss regular blog reading. During this year with CYBER FYBER I've not had time to surf fiber blogs or even read the ones I had faithfully read beforehand. After this is all over....I'm going back to my old routine! That said, I really like the transformation of you piece as shown in the two most recent posts!


Hi Sue, I noticed you were following my blog and I thought I would just hop over to say "hello"

You have a lovely blog here and I will add you to my blog-list as I would love to re-visit. Please say "hi" and let me know you've visited next time. Creative wishes, Carolyn

Penni Redding said...

hello - please may I ask you what technique the Jane draer workshop was? I am looking for traditional techniques for a college and wondered if this was still considered as couching/darning? thanks very much.